A Second Chance.

What is PTI?

Pre-trial Intervention, PTI,  is a program for first time offenders who have been charged with non-violent crimes. The program consists of counseling, education, community service programs and other requirements to be completed by the participant.
The goal of this program is to give first time offenders a second chance. Offenders may only participate in the program once.
If at any time during the process the offender does not comply with the requirements of the program, the case will be returned to the court for prosecution.
Successful completion of this program will allow the court to expunge the offender’s arrest record.

Why should I participate in PTI?

If you are convicted of charges by entering a guilty plea, or by being found guilty at trial, the conviction will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life.
PTI offers you a chance to clear those charges from your arrest record.  Also, your driver’s license will not be revoked for charges which require revocation.

Who is Eligible?

  • DUI charges are not eligible for PTI
  • The offender cannot have a significant prior criminal record
  • The offender must be referred to PTI by the Solicitor, Judge or Magistrate
  • The offender poses no threat to the community
  • The offender is unlikely to be involved in further criminal activity
  • The offender is likely to respond quickly to rehabilitation treatment
  • The needs of the offender and state can be better served outside the traditional justice system